September 9, 2017

Renton, Washington


When is this shindig?

The 5th Annual Northwest Tequila and Agave Spirits Fest will return in Fall 2017.

Where is it?

The 5th Annual Northwest Tequila Fest will be at the Renton Pavilion.

How much does it cost?

You can find information on our ticket page, or purchase them on when they go on sale.

What if I don’t drink but I still want to check it out?

Designated Driver tickets will be available at the door for $10.

Is food included in my ticket?

Yes! Stay tuned to find out who will be providing food for the 2017 event.

I found a mezcal that I love! Can I buy it here?

Absolutely! Be sure to check out our retail store on site where you can purchase and of the agave spirits represented at the Fest tax free.

Is there anything beside tequila to drink?

Yes! In addition to over 150 tequila and mezcals, we also will have beer, cocktails, traditional Mexican beverages and water available.

Can I bring the whole family?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate guests under 21.

I heard that this is an event for charity, is that true?

It is! Northwest Tequila Fest is a benefit for the Benevolent Guild of Seattle, who’s mission is committed exclusively to assisting children, charities, and support groups in the Puget Sound area. Visit:

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