Fall 2018



We started Northwest Tequila Fest in the Summer of 2012 because we LOVE tequila and mezcal, and we think the world should too! Whether you drink it straight, on the rocks, or mixed up in a cocktail, these spirits are some of the most unique on the planet, and we think they deserve a festival to celebrate! Every year, we gather 100% agave brands in Seattle for the largest tequila and mezcal tasting event in the Pacific Northwest. We have more than 150 agave spirits, with representatives from each brand present to answer your questions, chat about history, or in some cases, pour you a unique cocktail to sip on. We also hope our little Fest will give you a new appreciation for the culture of Tequila and Mezcal. With an astounding raw product distilled the same way for centuries, these spirits are integral to the Mexican culture and made proudly and steeped in tradition. To drink Agave is to drink of Mexico itself. So, whether you are a Tequila Geek, a newcomer to the world of agave, or one of those who are on the fence about making tequila their spirit of choice, join us for our yearly celebration of all things agave. The next Northwest Tequila Fest will be in Fall 2018 – keep checking back here for more details, or sign up for our newsletter!
NWTF is a benefit for the Benevolent Guild of Seattle, who’s mission is committed exclusively to assisting children’s charities and support groups in the Puget Sound area. Visit: seattlebenevolentguild.or